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Profoto Air sync Kit

    Profoto Air sync Kit


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    Syncs flash generators or cameras, in groups or individually with the same high performance as Profoto Air Remote. The Profoto Air Sync provides a simple solution when you do not need to control the power of your flash and only need to trigger it, with your camera. Profoto Air Sync can also be used as a receiver and sync generators without built in Profoto Air.

    Now it’s easy to shape and control your light from as far away as 300 m (1000 ft). Our new digital radio system, Profoto Air Remote, is built in to all Pro-8a Air generators.

    Complete flash control of your camera, in your hand or
    from your computer, including flash power and modeling light control. Control an unlimited number of generators and heads on eight channels.

    Profoto Air devices deliver sync signals with a very short delay, just 100μs in fast mode. Signal connections are made with either a hot shoe or a cable.

    These small, handheld devices weigh only 70 g (2.5 oz) including batteries. They pack a lot of functionality and reliability into an easy-to-use control panel. Operating at
    2.4 GHz, they are approved for world wide use.

    Profoto Air systems with sync can also operate with external receivers on older generators or other brands.

    • 2x Profoto Air Sync
    • 2x Plastic Hot Shoe Grip
    • 4 AAA batteries
    • 2x Lanyard
    • 2 Cables that fit most flash units